Grecian Odyssey Dancers

Welcome to St. Katherine’s Grecian Odyssey Dancers.  We are very proud of our dancers who have served this community since 1983.  Our Hellenic dancers range from early adolescence to young adulthood.  Our dance group participates in the annual Hellenic Dance Festival held throughout the southeastern United States, performs at annual festivals, support local and county ethnic and cultural events, and private and corporate affairs upon request.  As a member of our dance group you will develop an awareness for our Hellenic (Greek) culture and an understanding of our Orthodox faith.  We strive to grow together in spirit and strength, seeking to bring out the best in all of us.  Ethics, morality, character and leadership are our guiding principles.

The Grecian Odyssey Dancers is managed by a committee of volunteers who work together to promote spiritual and cultural growth and awareness in our vibrant and active youth. The Dance Director is appointed by the Parish Council.  The Dance Director appoints committee members with Parish Council oversight. The 2021 Grecian Odyssey Dancers Committee consists of:

Dance Director, Chairperson
Michael Hawkins

Jorge Hernandez

Maria Artidiello

Maria Droumbalas

Rania Dounos

Lydia Baker

HDF Coordinator & Instructors
Ioanna Hawkins