The Choir of Saint Katherine

“Adorned from childhood with the godly virtues of the Spirit, O all-wise Romanus, thou wast an all-precious adornment of the Church of Christ; for thou hast adorned it with all-beauteous hymnody. Wherefore, we entreat thee: Grant thy divine gift unto those who desire it, that we may cry out to thee: Rejoice, O all-blessed father, thou beauty of the Church!”

The inception of the choir was in July of 1972, before what is known today as Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church.  A few members of the G.O.C.C., Greek Orthodox Community Center as it was then known, were simply Greek Orthodox Christians that built and met in this building, to celebrate and share their Greek culture and traditions.  Officially organized in January of 1973 the choir consisted of 8 members and a church organist. Jim Kouchelakos became the Choir Director in December of 1975 and held that post until 1980.  In June of 1980 Rea Kalessa became the Choir Director with Betty Tsatiris as church organist.  Mrs. Kalessa remained Choir Director until June of 1992 when she stepped-down for personal reasons. In June of 1994 Rea Kalessa again resumed the responsibilities of Choir Director.  Mrs. Rea Kalessa remained Choir Director of Saint Katherine until February 2012 when she was hospitalized and remained there until her passing on July 6, 2012.

Our choir is forever aging and requires new voices in order that the choir can continue in its dedicated unending service to Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church. Volunteers are needed to carry on this important ministry.

If you are interested in joining the choir, please contact or call the church office.