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Orthodox Parea Association

“Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.”

 -Philippians 2:4

It all started when a few of our ladies decided they wanted have a dinner/dance.  So in October of 2007 Ellen Karavas, Betty Kitsopoulos, Kiki Karas, Linda Billissis and Sylvia Demopoulos sponsored the Inaugural Glendi, glendi meaning party in Greek.  They sold tickets in advance; they decorated our assembly hall, prepared the menu and cooked it too!  The only thing they could not do was the music, so they hired a DJ. In all, it was a pleasurable and successful evening, Opa!  The entire evening’s profits were donated to St. Katherine’s in order to purchase items needed for the assembly hall.

With such a success under their belts they decided to start this organization and call it OPA, a phrase that is often shouted at parties and dances by Greeks when they are having a good time, however in this case O.P.A. stands for Orthodox Parea Association; parea, from the Greek meaning company, friends).

Since that Inaugural Glendi, O.P.A. has sponsored several fund raisers either dinner/dances or just simply a Dinner & Movie Night where friends can share each other’s company and always for the benefit of St. Katherine’s. The next few years all the profits were saved and donated toward the purchase of office furniture for the new Education Building. Thank God for yiayias!



Ellen Karavas


Betty Kitsopoulos & Kiki Kras


Linda Billissis & Sylvia Demopoulos

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