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Mission and Goal of JOY Ministry

The mission and goal of the JOY ministry is to lead our young people into experiencing the Holy Orthodox Faith. By developing a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and becoming active sacramental members of the living church, our young people will be equipped with tools necessary to assist them in their journey toward salvation. By laying a foundation of faith at this age, the young people will have something that will guide and strengthen them as they progress into junior high and high school.

….”The question is often asked, “What is the Church doing for our Orthodox youth?” A successful JOY ministry is but one of the answers to this question. A JOY ministry, founded with the four principles of Worship, Service, Witness, and Fellowship, can serve to be a powerful tool in ministering to our Orthodox Youth.” *

….”A child’s world is changing rapidly – it is virtually impossible to keep up with every new trend and movement of their culture. Growing up in today’s society is a much more difficult task than it was in previous times. Our young people are being shaped by negative and destructive influences, ones that can and will define who they are and what they will become. Childhood is slipping away at an alarmingly early age.  For this reason, the positive teachings and traditions of the Orthodox Church must become a living presence in their lives. This makes ministry to our children a necessity.” *

* +The Reverend Mark A. Leondis, National Director

Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries

The JOY ministry will use the frequently scheduled Family Movie Nights (FMN) as the basis for age-specific activities for our JOY kids.  A portion of the FMN schedule will be dedicated to each age group.  In addition, we'll take the children to ever-popular Wickham Park Christmas Lights on a hayride with hot chocolate and s'mores.  Please check the online church calendar, Sunday bulletins and the monthly newsletter for specific information.   All parents are encouraged to get involved to make this ministry beneficial to our children.




Tiffany Sergis