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Welcome to St. Katherine’s Grecian Odyssey Dancers.  We are very proud of our dancers.  They ages range between 5-18 years of age.  In order to participate in dance all our children are required to attend Sunday Catechetical School, as well as adhere to the Dance By-Laws.  They primarily dance for our annual festival, in which they begin vigorous practice sessions months prior to our festival.  They also dance for several fundraisers throughout the year and our seniors are available for corporate or private affairs and parties and any funds or donations received help repair and maintain their authentic costumes and also allows for the purchase of new costumes. This year our dancers were called upon for some extra duty as Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church presented our first, GreektoberFest, a Mini 2 Day Festival and Arts & Crafts Fair that was held on October 12th & 13th.